Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Martins Corner -GOA

This is something I completely missed out posting on my blog. How could I do that?? Just talking about the place makes my gastronomy go haywire and it hurts. Well jokes apart this is one of the nicest places you will find in Goa to eat, drink and have fun. Good ambience, a favourite amongst many a celebrities and the tourists from across the world. This is not a discotheque although you might find some space to wriggle your belly on weekends, which is a lesser possiblilty considering the fact that the belly would be overfull to do such an act.

Now whats special and recommended. You will get a wide range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to start with. You could get crabs, Kalamaris, Prawns and fish cooked in red masala and I would call that lip smacking. If you got an appetite for CRABS order one king crab ( advisable that you check on rates before you order for one) and that will surely keep you busy for sometime. Well they also call it Sachins special ( not me) - its the Sachin of the cricket world. I believe Martins Corner is one of his world favourite restaurant.

There is a little bit of monotony to this place if you start frequenting it but if you manage to make it once a month affair ie. if you live in Goa its a hell of a nice eating place.

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