Saturday, September 05, 2009

Unusual colourful visitor this morning.

India has had a history of religious men asking for alms by singing devotional songs from one house to another. Today we had a warkari from maharashtra singing in front of my house. I would say it is very unusual to find them in goa. Managed to capture him while if was there singing.

Traditional Fisherman

A rare sight in this part of the world. A traditional fisherman walking back home with bits of his catch.

Mongrel Playtime

There 2 were having a ball of a time at the beach.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Fishing in Goa..

Traditional Fishing. Goa has many small villages dotting the river banks. For people from these villages, getting Fish for their Fish Curry Rice is not much of a shopping experience. Most of the men, young and old know how to fish for their bit in the nearby stream or the river. It is surprising to see the creativity that these people have when it comes to walking through the river and walking back with enough catch for a meal for 4 members. With modernisation threatening the tradition, there would be handful who can actually do this. If you are in Goa dont miss out venturing into the smaller villages by the river and experiencing fishing. Its fun.

That apart you can rest be assured your palates would be tantalised by wide variety of Sea life which usually come from Mechanised fishing. King Prawns and Lobsters anybody??

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Heavy rains hit Goa since morning. Guess some storm in indonesia. This is what i had to walk through while getting back to my car. And guess what my brand new shoes i bought in banglore got a nice sauna treatment. Sigh....

Beautiful morning bloom

Woke up this morning to this beautiful bloom in my garden.:)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Storm Rising up on the horizon

Blogging on the move is real fun. I get to share life when i travel without getting bored about doing nothing. This is rocking as of now. Dont worry i will not miss out on the daily photo when i m back in Goa.

Right now the train in which i m travelling is cruising thru the storm . Its beautiful outside .....

Getting back to Goa......

Its a mixed reaction from me when it comes to getting out of bangalore. Bitter about leaving the sweet old second home, leaving behind good pals, party places, good food but happy about getting back home, work and some more good frens.

Bangalore Banged by metro

For all those who have seen Bangalore city about 10 years back this would be a gruesome sight of the city being murdered. Well we need development but not at the cost of haphazard planning. I surely miss those old days in Bangalore when the city would invite you with open arms and one could have a vacation...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Off to Bangalore

A small break is calling me to Bangalore. Off for a few days. See you soon Goa....
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