Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am done with my dinner....

I am done for the evening. What a meal :)

Catch of the Day

Fish - yes if you are at the shack. You ll find the boys at the shack walking up to you and offering you a tray loaded with the days special. You could choose from the red snapper, white snapper, shark or the kingfish or you could just send him away and drink away you beer.

Goan Shack

To the west Goa is lined by beautiful beaches. Some of them stretch a real distance while a few are in patches and coves. Being a tourist destination, seasonal shacks like the one above line up most of the coast. Its fun to spend the noon basking in the sun (which Indians dont do) or the evenings under the stars. You could order your wines, rums, lobsters, crabs or the catch of the day....

Its unlikely that if you are in Goa on a holiday and you will not visit a shack.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

INGOs Saturday Night Market GOA

Who is INGO? I dont know - well I have heard about this guy and I think I have seen him at the Saturday Night Market at Baga-Arpora. This is the best place to be during the tourist season in Goa. I would say very unusual and ultimate entertainment hub. You got great food, superb music, amazing crowd, tripper crowd, loads of fancy stuff to buy and loads and loads and loads more...If you are here in Goa - dont miss it :)
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