Sunday, September 25, 2011

A beautiful sunset to call it a day.

The big trawler by the sun and sea.

Spot the trawler contest ;)

Traditional Fishing in Goa.

Called the ramponkars, traditionally fished in the coastal areas of Goa using the wooden canoe or bigger boat as seen in the pic. Well the one you see is among the last few. There are not many who make it and hardly any who confirm to its slow and mild manners. Now are the days of big boats, tech gadgets and loads of fish. And money.

Rescue when needed...

Sunny beach after a long time...

Guess its the first sunday with clear skies after the monsoon. Indeed it was crowded by late evening. We were there by 4pm and got to capture some clear sun and sand. the day ended with a beautiful sunset.

Where else but Goa.

See those skies clearing up. Soon the season of tourist arrivals would kick off...

Random rain made blur

Rains are fading in Goa. Seasons change so fast. Life is running out real fast. Good that "to do list" is not much of a problem...but that seven day weekend is illusive.

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