Monday, November 20, 2006

This is what We came across while we were walking towards JM Road from FC Road in Pune. We were
walking down to Pizza Hut for dinner at about 8:30pm....The temperature must be about 18 degrees....

India shining 2006 --- we read this in our B-MAGAZINES. Where are WE? The divide between the Rich and the POOR still haunts India. Are we going to see this gap do away?? Dont really
know. The rich only want to get richer...the poor only multiply.

We talk about the POWER OF ONE. The power of one to change anything. If I do something for this homeless are we going to see a tangible change? What have they done to deserve this? So many questions run in my mind. DO I Ignore this? Or do I just feel lucky about the way I am ??
I dont know if I can find answers....
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