Monday, February 09, 2015

Sunset in Goa

Sunsets in Goa are special no matter where you sit. Shot from a ferry boat at Rachol, Raia Goa.

Cabo de Rama fort Goa

Down south of Goa,Cabo de Rama was the southern defence of Portuguese regime. Why it is called Cabo de Rama?? I am not sure. Beyond the walls of the fort lies the real treasure. If you can walk or trek semi steep inclines do walk until the end of the world. Yes indeed end of the world. A narrow strip of land makes it way for about 500metres into Arabian Sea and you must check it out. The sight here in the photo is while you walk to the end of the world. A picture just cannot show you what it feels to sit at the tip of the land strip and enjoy 250 degrees of ocean visual.

Early morning serenity of Palolem Beach

Palolem is my favourite beach in Goa. It's just too serene and the exact way you would want your ocean to be. You can eat good food, swim or just sit by. Tan is for free. Don't miss Palolem when you are in Goa but please handle the beach with care..leave some serenity for your generations to come.
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