Sunday, January 02, 2011

A new year and a happy one.

Hmmm... where do i start?? this is what happens when you dont do something regularly. But then why is it not possible to do the same with smoking?? well lets not touch upon things not understood well. Here is a very happy new year to those few who remain and return to read this age old blog. And if you continue to read further I assure you that you might not find anything promising. Yea.. pessimistic it is - Rat race is what i hear them all say, a race that is run by most human beings with NO wins in it - it is all about running. No winning spirits huhhh?? I dont know.

Its been a while that a thing has been posted on this blog. So I ll end this for now. If something starts coming up I ll come back and say a POST :D till then enjoy this year 2011 and be good. smile if you can and remember and drive slow and ..huhh.. have fun.
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