Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Hey Guys
Would like to share this pic with you all....
Aim for the stars and thats where you get...
Dont get any closer till then..............

Trek to Savari Falls

Finally the rains have come in.. relief from the heat but the humidity still sucks...
But rains have not kept our spirits down.. our gang of 3 is still doing the much needed exploring. And we have only got better. Now we explore on our feet. We had the shaddy Geek MR. DEVARAYASAMUDRAM VIJAYKUMAR VIKRAM in Goa ( DV I hope I m getting it right )
Well he is the most wanted guy around for those bunch of Loyalites. I have just got to know him a little better this time when he was doing nothing in Goa, untill then all I knew about him was """GEEEEEEEEEEEK""". Ooopss the software guys dont like this term but I guess its OK. We in Goa dont run the fear of being mobbed by the GEEKs.

Getting back to where we started. We had the Shaddy Geek DV, the Business ty'c'oon KAKs ( 'C' could be replaced with 'ph'), the official Printer PRAGGY, THE DITCHER -SURDS and myself the 'ORIGINAL TRANSPORTER'. It was a busy sunday for me but the Guys managed to coax me into this Trekking trip.. so i decided to screw up with some work( hoping my dad never reads this) and get along with the BOYZ.

This was the trek to the Savari Falls situated in the Sanguem Taluka of Goa. Most aptly located in South Goa's green Hills bordering with Karnataka. We had no clue it would be a great trek till we lost out way and had to wade thorugh ankle deep stream to reach the waterfalls.

Kaks must have had some real fun for this was his first time with the BOYZ after he has been married. Once we were at the Falls, Praggy, Kaks and myself made up our mind on some splash into the pool.

Guys catch up with some pics here..Hope you enjoy them

Our Local Guide... He did a wonderful job. Picked him up at the local village along the trek..

The Typhoon

Ohhh Geeksss

Praggy leading the way..


Lost .......

Shikari and his dog..well check out the double barrel SURDs is carrying

Break time....while Kaks was enjoying splashing his New Trek shoes in the water...

Savari Falls

Great Job by Parag.. Cut and paste
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