Monday, December 28, 2009

I wish...........

A Swiss couple decide to sell it all in Switzerland and travel the world and then they like Goa and camp for a while here in Goa. Can I do this in about 10 years ? May be if this earth stays in one piece. Ohh yea we just had December Rains in India. New weather patterns, Copenhagen and what not. We will see it all... SO if you guys get a chance come down to Goa soon....

Mad angle frens

We had our buddha arrive from Bangalore. Rinpoche Whyvek .
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Party time in Goa

This time no excuses...awww silly excuses. I been partying. The world has arrived and the life has been calling. December ends have always been frantic partying and we got some more days. Ahhh the picture... Blind red snapper. It looks black..uhh its the make up...eeeeeksss...
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