Sunday, October 04, 2009

Heavy Rains, Flooding and Heavy mixed emotions in GOA.

Its a mixed reaction entering Goa after 9 days of holidaying in North India. Since the 29th of Sept I have known that it has been raining heavily in Goa.I have seen 31 monsoons in Goa while I have been growing up. But a cloud burst of this extent is something completely new to Goa and me. I saw a few pictures on face book of Vicky Fernanes ( whose pictures I have posted below). This is a real sad time for the people of Canacona, Poiguinim and Mashem village. Since Parag is from Mashem I know most of the places below very well and I cannot apply my logical thinking to how and why should flooding happen to the places below. Those places are coastal areas and are very well flushed to the ocean.

I was lucky to have reached Goa without any problems. Other states of India like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have been heavily hit. The sad part about the whole flooding is that the poor people are the ones who are really badly hit. The Government officials here in India will give loose talks on television - but nothing comes out of that. The poor loose their homes, bits of clothing, cattles, dogs, chickens and whole lot of emotions. Yes the emotions too get washed away. The feel of having lost everything is so strong that everything is swept away. Only time will heal and compensate those who have lost and will loose in the days to come untill the flooding recedes.

For me it will be another day. I am resuming work tomorrow morning. I will drive to my office and start my work. Yes the hangover of the holiday will keep me dazed. It will go on for 2 days. While I am dazed, a lot would be lost. I wish we learn to contribute to the nature - or else such furore will continue untill it is all destroyed. I guess it is too late to repair the damage. Damage will continueth......

Flooding in Goa

Really Bad Flooding..Unseen in a Century.

Some more pictures of the devastating cloud burst in Mashem, Poiguinim in South Goa

Flooding in South GOA

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