Sunday, February 10, 2008

And - when the Sun is gone...

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Darker Shade....

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Colors of Sunset ......

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Bachelors Get Away ...............

Sunil decided to throw in a party or if you say 'Good times together' before Anups falls into the pit. If you ask me it was a Bachelors get together. For those like Vijay - it was a sweet reminder of what all is gone missing when you are married. For it is just not possible to have a great time like the one we had with our so called better half ( halves - whereever applicable).Vijay was well off with his better half away from our party zone - although a little tensed about something - which we presumed to be his month end targets - he was doing a fine job of being a bachelor.

We drove off from Goa in Anups Innova and with a little bit of pushing by me - we managed to reach almost on schedule that was handed to us by Sunil. Hitting Mangalore town by 8:30 pm we went straight for a few rounds of Vodka and then shopping for bits that we would need for the night out and offcourse some vodka - we were heading straight into the shining moon to Thalapady. We had no clue what place we gonna be staying at. When we reached the beach house we were awestruck. we were driving through a farm besides the beach - lined with coconut trees and a well sized , passionately planned and executed farm house. I would say - a 4 star styled self sufficient 2 bedroom luxurious beach villa. Well that was not all - we were still in for some more surprise - the deck that stood upon the back water. This place was an amazing getaway for all of us.

I have in pics most of our party time there... What went without pics.............
- walking in trunks into the river.
- Sunil rolling out Parag - in a somersault straight from the raft while they were in rowing in the river.
- walking from the beach house through the river straight onto the beach in say about a little more than waist deep waters.
- Swimming into the really rough waters of the thalapady beach.
- Sunil taking me for ride around the river and me sitting like a king.
- the Slaughter of the Grey Goose Vodka by all of us.
- the aroma of the food cooked by Francis :P
- the raft ride that Sunil gave us all at 1:30 am under the moonlight with a glass of vodka in hand. This was the best part of the whole stay.

Well those are memories that will stay with us. Thanks to Sunil & Anup. Well we ll look forward to some Bachelors Celebrations very soon from Sunil...:)

Last Glimpse before we left from Thalapady...

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Tell me whats this.....

For all those visiting by - try to figure out what is that you see in this picture? ;)
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Finally - The Slaughter of the Goose.

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The Crab Catch....

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