Friday, March 30, 2007

Flower Power...

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Some Pictures of SHIGMO 2007 in Goa

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Hey ANUP ..Can u see Eddie stare at you...look into those dark eyes..

this is an exclusive posting for Anup and for all the reasons he could not come for the Iron Maiden show. The Beast in him is seeing the dark.... ;) " He left alone, his mind was dark and now he needs time to think to get the memories from his mind.. " -- Dude it just came out so aptly.. I did not plan to do this.. But I cant erase it too... As they say 'The Devil sends the Beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short..' I can see u smiling. :) But u keep asking.. 'Can i play with madness' --- Posted by Picasa

After a long spell of Silence...

Another of those long spells of silence. So much done from the last update of that shitty cricket match update in Goa. Travelled to Bangalore for a smashing Iron Maiden Show. We had Anup inaugurating his new flat at Porvorim. The weather has changed from the nice and feel good winter time to warm, sultry, humid summer. I hate this part of the year in Goa.

The news of Iron Maiden making it to India hit me in November 2006. Damn it couldnt believe it. I have come across rounds of stuff like Metallica coming to India blah blah, but nothing. So i assumed it to be one of those rumours. Well by January I had my tickets booked for travel to Bangalore. Yea I got them for 10 bucks plus taxes. Still no confirmed news on Iron Maiden. Just about the beginning of March we got to see some signs of Iron Maiden coming our way.

And before we could blink our eyes they came, conquered and left. Guys, this is the best shows I have seen in INDIA. And hats off to DNA. what a show!!! The damn floor was covered, so we had no dust. The whole fuckin Bangalore was smokin pot out there..Guys it was amazing. And someone missed all the action. We had our dude Anup missing out on the whole show. Now again only Anup knows why... I have anyways planned on attaching a pic of his Pass that I had with me.... now i know a lot of you guys would want to stone him for that pass that I carry as a momento...

The show was supposed to be a EDDFEST a tour of their new album Matter of life and Death.. but guys believe me they played the Best of Iron Maiden. We had Bruce with loads of energy, jumping all over the stage..Guys, Bruce is one helluva dude... at this age he rocked... during the show he would disappear back stage.. we all counted on he smoking backstage ..;) ..Steve Harris rocked as ever... and then we had the Janick Gers. I was blown... they were just too much for India.. this Show just rocked. For all those who missed it.. I dont have words.. Posted by Picasa

Iron the maiden show.

This boy hanging from one of those towers for the speakers had a blast... This piece of stoned idiot jumps off the Rs.900 barricade and runs for his life..climbs up this tower.. Gets out a rolled joint and smokes it.. and even better offers it to the cops standing down below to lay thier hands on him. Isnt that cool? He gets the whole of the crowd from the back row to scream for him.. he instigates them to jump the barricades and enter the rs.1500 area... Hats off to his guts.. and then he manages to snatch his run from the hands of the cops and the DNA guys who were waiting to lay his hands on him.. man he kept our adrenalin rushing for about 15 minutes.. Posted by Picasa

Parikrama - blowing their trumpets on opening act

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Backdrop at the Iron Maiden Concert in Bangalore

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