Thursday, February 01, 2007

Highway Star..............

Now the SAPers certainly rule the highways... Paragbhai has got the long awaited power of 110 horses --------Hyundai VERNA. Certainly she is a Highway Star & Paragbhai THE SPEED KING and we gonna rule the highways for a long time to come.

We are gonna break the 160 kmph barrier sometime and u shall see it right in here... and Parags gonna sing... Im a speed king you go to hear me sing, Im a speed king see me fly...........

Well for Now I wish the KING .... Happy & Safe Speeding..

Chandreshwar Temple

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Sunset from Chandreshwar Parwath...

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Some more moonlight...

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Moonlight.... :)

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Back to Riding...

Another Sunday - some more confusion & indecision and I was on my way to ride my Thunderbird -- off to -- dont know
-- but ended up riding to Karwar.
I had almost surrendered to the fact that I would no longer be doing any riding after I sold off my Machismo. And it
has been 2 yrs since I did that. A dream would always wake me up -- that is me riding to Leh. And this dream led me
to contemplate getting another Bullet. Yea it took some convincing & bitterness from my dad & mom to have them say
'YES' to my plans of riding. Flashback - They dont know how I got them cheated into buying me a Bullet while I was
still a student and had a serious knee injury. After I got my plaster off the left leg, the first thing I was told
was U cant ride a Bike and a serious NO to anything like a Bullet. got that Doc to shut up and say nothin to my
folks. And yea within 6 months of that I was throttling a 350cc beast. Yea thats me when I set my mind on something
atleast when it comes to having non living entities........
And on Sunday I had company...Yea see below....;)
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Thats her Superman...

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Movin on to riding.. We started off from Margao and in no time we were crusing along the Karmal ghat and into Canacona- but with numb bums. Not used to riding, we 3 were suffering from Numb-bum syndrome. Blood wasnt flowing back there, some water and short break put things into the rear perspective. It was certain that if we had to settle ourselves at Palolem we would have been there the whole day guzzling some semi alcoholics till we fall apart and I wasnt keen on doing that. A little push on moving onto riding somemore got Doc onto his saddle and we were off riding through the mountians into Poiguinim and then Polem and finally the straight stretch of road to Karwar which has been as inviting as it could get for couple of decades.

We took a small break at the karwar bridge to get the rear upfront and then decided to move onto Amruth for some snacks. Coupla beer, peanuts, Fish, Squids, Mussels .......... Ahhhhhh that felt awesome. A subtle lightness in the veins got me to enjoy the ride even better. Now we were heading straight into the Palolem...Cafe Del Mar. Some more of those strange looking, nice smelling liquids. And we were soothing nerves. After an hour we decide to ride back to Margao. Well all big things have a small beginning. I have set my mind onto riding. Given the time & physical fitness i dont know how far would I go. But hearts are set on Leh. Lets see what
time brings in.

Apun ka Thunderbird...

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Nirvana @ Palolem

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The Riders on the Storm....

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River Crossing at Tarir @ Mashem -- yea thats Parags place

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