Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunset over the western ghats..

Travelling by train from goa to bangalore needs you to climb the western mountains. Its fabulous.
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Bangalore again..

Bangalore calling again. Work this time. Will be back by next weekend. May be a few bangalore updates till then.
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time for Candids...

As I have said before it takes couple of minutes for me to move from civilisation to minus 20 years. Technically I live in a village. A village which is about 5 kms from main town and not too far away from good forest cover. But my village is also dotted with some colorful modern concrete houses. Yea now thats fine cos I stay in a concrete structure too.

Yea from the vagabonding of last sunday - I captured this lady getting back home probably from her days sell of vegetables or probably working in her fields. Captured her in the act of running her hand over her hair..

Also note the tiled roof house in the background. You find a lot of them in Goa.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Festive mood at the city

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Festive moods at the city

Traditional gram,peanut sellers...
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Mary Immaculate church of Panjim Goa

Feast time at Panjim.
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Old lanes of panjim city.. Portuguese architecture

Hey guys this part of the panjim city is superb. Takes you back in time. Old houses of portuguese era. New cars and old houses.
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Sunset and more

It takes looking beyond the blinds of my office cabin to get this beautiful sunset. Its was crimson setting this evening while my dad was wondering about the never diminishing awe I have for such natures creation. And probably growing with me...
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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Could we say a better Sunset ?? ;)

Hazy skies give out hazy sunsets :(
well thats one reason I have stayed away from the beach today. Was wondering if I should go to the shoreline and shoot a few pics...but the skies were grey and so were the moods. Sometime I wonder how much i got right under my feet which I miss upon. This beautiful place is about 2 kms from my home. And it took me 30 years to get there.. :)

Take off...

Done for the Day...

Eagle Cut...

An Eagle carrying twig to build its nest. Seemed like its wing had a cut.

Sunday sunset

Half the world around would be enjoying their sunday.... Ours has ended. Had been by this lake side to capture a few birds.. Will post some pics soon...
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Not much to do

Hey everybody, that's my lab Genie taking a morning nap. Ye even the dogs take it slow in Goa. Well not much updates coming up, I m not adhering to the word daily. Well looks like I could be on track soon. Just got a New blackberry device that can aid me wherever I am.
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