Thursday, January 11, 2007


Yes.. I am back. New Year and renewed but the same hopes. Let me tell you about our entry into this new year. It turned out unusal, that it went almost to a large extent as per the plans laid down. A different story that it did not which Only Parag and Anup know about. :D

The destination for THE PARTY - No it wasnt Baga or Anjuna. We all know in here that it sucks to be there on 31st Decemeber any year. We decided on PALOLEM. Yea its the trippers paradise in Goa especially the Israelis who take off from their compulsory army service. But this year they were away tripping elsewhere - thanks to the team of left overs of Osama and his company and some of our not so patriotic Indian who always hatch a threat. Yea I m talking about terrorism threats Goa had during the new years eve - largely due to the Israeli young crowd who parties here.But all went on well.

Ahh I m missing something. We had guests this year. MR & MRS Prashant & Anna Pai( pronounced as pie) and Mr. Louie & Fabian... yea all the way from France. For all those who dont know Mr PIE is also called 'Ganjes' or 'Ganja' - not the marijuana ganja - this is the hair depleted Ganja.
Amidst all the classical singing and the favorite remix of 'Gand mein danda rey' we reached Palolem. Parking was mile away from the beach and looking at the vehicles it didnt seem that bad. We arrived at the beach - yea it was ok kinds crowd. We settle at Cafe Cuba - yea supposedly listed on Lonely Planet. But we were in for some undesirable treatment. Food menu - limited food supplies - only chicken from BBQ or tandoor - tiger prawns -- 300 bucks a fuckin piece. some nan bread. and 15 minutes waiting period for taking the orders - thats all. and thats CAFE CUBA - supposedly all was reserved for their regular firang
guests. SUCKS.
WHile all of them were seated I wasnt comfortable paying money for this crap and walked around to look for better place. Cafe Delmar was packed. All tables reserved. Another couple of places and limited food supply. Finally I pick on a nice looking shack - dont remember the name. I immediately rang the bells and got our Public moving out of CUBA and into India - we settled at the second place. 15 minutes into the waiting and no menu cards and no one to take our orders -- guess we were still in CUBA. Bloody helluva castroted place.
I was off hunting again - Yes for another place to settle in. And we were there at Rendezvous. Heard it was a nice place and indeed it was better than the rest. More of an Indian place. Sitting was on the floor.. Damn comfortable. The waiter was a nice chap - but TIME is what he asked for, as there were a lot of orders in the line. I decided to move up in the line of orders.I handed over a 100 bucks to him and there it was free flow of food.
And then --- hmmmm yea we finished our dinner before we rolled into 2007. (**Anup stop smiling**)As we got moved past a second off 00 Hrs... there was a feeling of moving on. FIREWORKS and FIREWORKS and more FiReWoRkS.............................*******************************
NOW we wanted to hit some Rave Floor. Parag had found someone who could get us an entry into Dancing Shiva. A small place at the end of Palolem. This place was rocking. Amazingggggggggg Trance and thats exactly what we were hungry for. Oh boy - i went out on a complete hysterical semi-charmed kind of flow. It felt awesome. This was the best trance I ve ever heard till date. The music and its pitch was just enough to make me high. And indeed I was.. My feet were grounded but mind and body wasnt.. I was flying up -- And thats it. Sometimes somethings end up abruptly. Dont ask why. Somethings in life are meant to be
that way. But If this was Afghanistan I would have torn Anup apart. Now ask him Why?
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