Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fiddler Crab

Walking on Water...

Median Egret.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ahh the Goan Ferry

Dont miss this ride if you ever come down to Goa. IF you got 15 mins all you could do is take a ride to the other side and come back. I captured this one mid river while we were getting to the other side, this Blueyy was coming towards the mainland.

Blues and Yellows.....Ropes & Ties...

The color combination in the warm sun caught my eye. What you see further is actually the bird sanctuary that i was off too. I got some nice shots of birdies for yall. I ll get them on soon.

Racing Barges....

I was on my way to Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary and while waiting in my ferry to cross the river Mandovi, I go to see the Barges racing with each other. Generally a slow and sluggish water transport vehicle, this brown over took the orange barge like the Schumacher racing his ferrari.

Ahh the barges -they are the carriers of Iron Ore from the interiors of Goa to the port for exports.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Godman, Conman & the Elephantedae

Now this would be of Interest to a few of you who follow India and thus Goa. Well this is not a common sight. We are a developing nation but you do find such conman-godman types. There would be a handful of such Saffron cloth wearing whatevers in India. They are largely a money making racket and no traces of religion, god, spirituality, good. They could be pot smoking. God knows. Largely related to be Hindus and so the association to the religion. They would do less good and more bad to you. If you see them - give them some cash if you feel like - dont talk - smile and walk away. They came over to my house. Mom gave the Elephantidae a coconut to eat. I ignored the cons. Wonder why torture the elephant - God knows.

Margao Municipal Corporation

Now this is an interesting building and the only one left among them in South Goa, rest all are getting converted into high rise. Yes, for those who are new to Margao - this is the Portuguese era building now converted into Margao Municipal Corporation. And we dont know untill when it will stay on its foundation. The day our crooked administrators find that one brick is falling out, they will render the building unfit for use, pull it down, sell all the bricks for scrap, the wood, glass etc and then get a contract to build a new multi storey in the middle of the town and make some money. Well most Goans would easily relate to this structure and a sunday evening drive got me to snap this structure for you all guys. I am back after god knows how long. What have I been doing? Well so much stuck to the rat race that I m home with a bout of acidity. SO the BLOG.
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