Thursday, January 28, 2010

Margao Municipal Corporation

Now this is an interesting building and the only one left among them in South Goa, rest all are getting converted into high rise. Yes, for those who are new to Margao - this is the Portuguese era building now converted into Margao Municipal Corporation. And we dont know untill when it will stay on its foundation. The day our crooked administrators find that one brick is falling out, they will render the building unfit for use, pull it down, sell all the bricks for scrap, the wood, glass etc and then get a contract to build a new multi storey in the middle of the town and make some money. Well most Goans would easily relate to this structure and a sunday evening drive got me to snap this structure for you all guys. I am back after god knows how long. What have I been doing? Well so much stuck to the rat race that I m home with a bout of acidity. SO the BLOG.


Rob and Mandy said...

Welcome back! Do take care of yourself, or you'll lose the rat race.

Sachin said...

Thanks Rob and Mandy... happy racing to all of us..

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