Saturday, December 30, 2006


The year has come to an end. Yes, it was fast.. as usual. A lot has changed over a year... putting it in CCD perspective A lot can happen over a year... Well resolutions have never been a part of my vocab.. so none for the year ahead or for the year gone by. What is born with another year is the infinite hope.. hope for whatever I could dream. Hope to ride to Leh, Hope to pay off my debts, hope to make more money...
Well existence is not concernced about year 2006 coming to an end. The earth keeps revolving, rotates and the days, seasons pass by...nothing stops. By the time we are out of our New years celebrations... another day would have passed off..and then another 31st.
The blog shall stay as long as the hope survives..... for all those who drop by the blog Wish you a very warm, peacefull and happy new year 2007...
I guess I should sign off saying.. see you all next year..:)

Friday, December 29, 2006

This is a log overdue update. Praggybhai decides to make it overnight. This time Praggybhai outsources Loss-gistics operations to Saurabh-bhai. Saurabh-bhai is our dude from Mashem. Mashem is where Parag has his ancestral home.
I land into some taxi drivers job the day AP duo decide to go fishing at camping site. Camping site is Watoorem. Yea thats south of Goa. Totally virgin. Small stretch of about 1000 sq mtrs. marked with rocks, pebbles and some sand.We love to call it secret beach.
By 8 pm I am done with the days drivers job. I take up to the camping site. About 55 kms from Margao. I get to know Anup has managed to catch some fish and Parag has barely manaaged to get a catch. Rest all fish have escaped from the fishing line while they were being pulled on-shore. I believe them. I make sure I can have some fish once I am there and I am off driving to Mashem.
The loss-gistics plans went beserk as Saurabh who is on holiday in Goa decides to charge up his nerves with some IB.We got fish but no pan to fry. We get the pan and there is no oil. We got fish curry rice and paper plates. We got light but few candles. The lantern plans drowned in the third peg of IB that Saurabh had afternoon. And then we had GULIT ( not misspelt GUILT). Gulit is the one and the only one who can take us to WAGAH GOLI. Yea translated it means Tigers Cave. And for the stock we had 2 bottles of whisky, one smirnoff and some carbonates.
The party was on while I arrived in pitch darkness. We had the music. Traditional GUMAT and another something.. cant remember the name. Our guys from Paiguinim and Mashem were just too much for the evening. We had the Maestro Vikas who set the night on acoustic fire and groovy trance.
By now I could smell the Rechado Bangda( Mackeral ).. The fish curry was steaming, the moon was up in the sky.. and we were rolling. By 1 am I was in my jacket and woollen cap. the temperature must have been 15 or may be less. An awesome experience to remember.
My thanks to a few guys I can remember .. Nitu, Prashant,Kunal,Vikas, Anup, Darshan, Nilesh-the solo musician, Felix - the Chef, GULIT and our dude Parag.
Check out a few pics below for the place...

Sunrise at Watoorem..

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The Camp...

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My bedroom @ the camping site...

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Thats the Gumat...

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The Music Company..

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Sunday Blues

Yea I love to call this Sunday Blues.

Our planning goes a long way in making our sundays and holidays.. This sunday we were out heading for ..hmmm
Dandeli.. The planning department (both route planning and loss-gistics supply) Mr Parag did his little bit of home
work and we were out heading to Karwar, from there, we turn into the road that leads to Dandeli. It was supposed to
be 35 kms.. but it wasnt. All we knew was Dandeli was about 40 or 55 or 60 or 70 kms, even now while I write this I
am not sure how far Dandeli is from karwar. We were on dirt track, my nerves feeling the rush of the WRC and I was
driving a super-turbo charged TATA engine. What a frill to spew some dust and manage the ground clearance at the
same. Anup was wishing he had his jeep.. ahh god bless us. Just after doing some 20 kms we realised Dandeli wasnt 35
kms away...
We turned car heaved a sigh of relief....
NOw what? We decided to head back to Karwar for lunch and some Shandy. Lunch was at Bhadra, the place was packed
with all tourists heading straight into Goa. For those who dont know Bhadra.. its a hotel just off Karwar bridge
known for its pepper chiken, chiken 65 and anything that you may like.....
Lunch was done and we were off to Devbaug. Marketed as an island off Karwar ..Bull shit.. we were conned into a boat
ride.. for 200 bucks each.. we had an hour at the beach. But it was worth the learning. I always knew Devbaug as an
Island. Yea thats about the day.. rest all in the pictures below.. we had some fun at the island.. it is much of a
family place.. not much partying can happen unless you got a big group...

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For all those who havent seen the SAP team.. here it is.. Posted by Picasa
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Karwar coastline as you see it from Devbaug..

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Guerilla Warfare ... Believe me it was a tough fight..

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Following foot steps of Paragbhai....

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At Devbaug

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Friday, December 22, 2006


Definitely not Dhoom... call it what you like.. need for speed, the fast and the furious... or just the swift... yea dont show it down.... thats what you call taming the beast... she can touch that...and stable. thats the Doc-trey Raul on his way to the checkered qualifiers and no practice..... just the flow....Car-ti-KN.. are u reading this?? Doc.. all i could say is -- wish i was there :) Posted by Picasa

Here goes by another day....

There is a mixed feeling that sutly gets into me while i watch the sun go down.... Oh yea its a beautiful sight.. but there goes another day... and the long wait for the sun to be up.. and then the work... yea now you know where I was heading. But no point denying... sunsets are one of natures beautiful cocktail of colors..... ahh guys its time for a beer.. ;) Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 20, 2006

This is what We came across while we were walking towards JM Road from FC Road in Pune. We were
walking down to Pizza Hut for dinner at about 8:30pm....The temperature must be about 18 degrees....

India shining 2006 --- we read this in our B-MAGAZINES. Where are WE? The divide between the Rich and the POOR still haunts India. Are we going to see this gap do away?? Dont really
know. The rich only want to get richer...the poor only multiply.

We talk about the POWER OF ONE. The power of one to change anything. If I do something for this homeless are we going to see a tangible change? What have they done to deserve this? So many questions run in my mind. DO I Ignore this? Or do I just feel lucky about the way I am ??
I dont know if I can find answers....

Sunday, November 05, 2006


I was waiting for this for a long time. In Goa, Diwali days are marked by televisions & cordless phones fizzed out by lightning strikes. This year we had few of those deadly lightning & thunder showers. But I did manage to get this shot. Critics would say, I could have done better but I am glad I got my first strike...;-)


SAD BUT TRUE..................


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