Friday, June 12, 2009

Monsoons - Not coping with Pace...

It should have been raining cats and dogs in Goa. I guess I was lucky as a school going kid to enjoy the really fierce but not so destructive monsoons. Believe me I enjoyed every bit of rains clad in my favourite yellow color duckback raincoat. Global warming wasnt heard of then. Wheres the rain gone now? Guess in Goa we ll have to wait as much as a week this year. With changing monsoon patterns we ll have almost everything changing around. I just couldnt believe my eyes when I watched television today - It read 38 Degree Celcius in Dehradun. Whoaaa hoaaa.... a 'hill station' patroned by the Britishers for summer holidays no longer stands designated. Where are we gonna run with the changing weather patterns??

(shot at colva beach - south goa)
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Monday, June 08, 2009


The old Kolkota bass and the hold age Kolkota Thaxi.
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Kolkatta @ tea time...

No its isnt early British days. It is year 2008 and shot in Black and white..hides all the blemishes. Fair and Lovely...isnt it?
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What British left for the Commmunists..

I believe a DNA test inside the Tram would reveal a lot about the Brits in India. Certainly nothing has changed about them in the last so many decades - Just one thing if at all is changed is the use for Commercial advertising on its exteriors. Have you been inside a tram in Kolkatta? I suggest you dont. It might possibly lead to Genetic overlapping of the 'left' over shredded DNA. The ACC on the Tram means Associated Communists Chors...
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Nirmal Hriday

2 things about this picture. Nirmal Hriday and the Kolkatta cop. Now what about them? Nirmal Hriday is where it all started for Mother Theresa. This place in Kolkatta (a.k.a Calcutta) is the home for the 'unknown' started by Mother Theresa. And what about the COP? Zoom in and read the abbrevation on his suspect helmet. Its almost read as RIP.
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The Great Indian Auto

Yes this is the great Indian Auto that has fancied even the Brits long after they have left India and gone to be ruled by the Indians in their own land. The only thing that comes to my mind why the firangs fancy this vehicle is that they are not found elsewhere. If you ask me it is the most difficult and the most uncomfortable of the mobiles you ll find on this planet earth. Off course that was the reason a bunch of guys, sorry attention seeking guys got on a bunch of autos and painted them all fancy and decided to climb Himalayas. It must have been some hardwork. If you are reading this from a far away land...the next time you are in India and you want some bum rolling ride..dont miss out on the great Indian Auto.. And if you are a Australian or a Brit..remember this auto has an unworldly inclination to discriminate good from bad.. yellow from black and what not. caution to the auto.
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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Arabian sea ...

Best viewed from this place. Probably the highest point in Goa which is right next to sea shore. A must try place during monsoons.... Get to see full glory of the ocean.

Bat Island off coast of Vasco da Gama

View from the MPT park at Sada Vasco.
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