Monday, June 08, 2009

The Great Indian Auto

Yes this is the great Indian Auto that has fancied even the Brits long after they have left India and gone to be ruled by the Indians in their own land. The only thing that comes to my mind why the firangs fancy this vehicle is that they are not found elsewhere. If you ask me it is the most difficult and the most uncomfortable of the mobiles you ll find on this planet earth. Off course that was the reason a bunch of guys, sorry attention seeking guys got on a bunch of autos and painted them all fancy and decided to climb Himalayas. It must have been some hardwork. If you are reading this from a far away land...the next time you are in India and you want some bum rolling ride..dont miss out on the great Indian Auto.. And if you are a Australian or a Brit..remember this auto has an unworldly inclination to discriminate good from bad.. yellow from black and what not. caution to the auto.
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Leif Hagen said...

Namaskara! I got a thrill out of riding in Autos in Bengaluru in February where I spent 4 weeks with a Rotary International GSE program! Dhanyavadagalu
Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo

Sachin said...

vow..that is a surprise for me. youve spoken in the best of kannada there.. :)

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