Thursday, January 28, 2010

Godman, Conman & the Elephantedae

Now this would be of Interest to a few of you who follow India and thus Goa. Well this is not a common sight. We are a developing nation but you do find such conman-godman types. There would be a handful of such Saffron cloth wearing whatevers in India. They are largely a money making racket and no traces of religion, god, spirituality, good. They could be pot smoking. God knows. Largely related to be Hindus and so the association to the religion. They would do less good and more bad to you. If you see them - give them some cash if you feel like - dont talk - smile and walk away. They came over to my house. Mom gave the Elephantidae a coconut to eat. I ignored the cons. Wonder why torture the elephant - God knows.

1 comment:

Leif Hagen said...

Great elephant ride photo! I'll never forget riding an elephant outside the Mysore Maharaja Palace in Mysore last March!

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