Friday, September 04, 2009

Fishing in Goa..

Traditional Fishing. Goa has many small villages dotting the river banks. For people from these villages, getting Fish for their Fish Curry Rice is not much of a shopping experience. Most of the men, young and old know how to fish for their bit in the nearby stream or the river. It is surprising to see the creativity that these people have when it comes to walking through the river and walking back with enough catch for a meal for 4 members. With modernisation threatening the tradition, there would be handful who can actually do this. If you are in Goa dont miss out venturing into the smaller villages by the river and experiencing fishing. Its fun.

That apart you can rest be assured your palates would be tantalised by wide variety of Sea life which usually come from Mechanised fishing. King Prawns and Lobsters anybody??


B SQUARED said...

I went to school with someone from Goa. He kept talking about the lobsters. He invited everyone to come over, lie on the beach and eat lobster. Sounds like it's possible.

Sachin said...

yes thats very much possible. One can relax here on the beach and order for Lobsters and loads of sea food, beer from the beach shacks and have a great vacation :)

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