Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baga Beach - GOA

When you talk about Goa to any person keeping interest in Goa - you could be shot with a question - You live near Bagabeach ?? - Yes its almost so fast that it seems like one word. God knows why in the world this place is so famous and why do so many Foreign tourists even unwind here. Whats in this place. I have completely failed to understand this one aspect. I was at the Baga Beach yesterday after 7 or 8 years and that place has dramatically changed its face for worse. It seems like a commercial capital of Chaos (not like the Laos) and yea multi coloured beach umbrellas. But one thing has remained static absolutely pristine - the roads and the complete infrastructure which has remained the same as it was a decade or two. This place is known to generate more revenues for Goa in tourism industry but absolutely disregard for any improvement. It does not even have a well equipped wash room. I was there just for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Thats all - I am sorry I am unable to write anything. But yes if you are looking for some crowd and chaos - you are right there.


Leif Hagen said...

Namaskara! I guess congratulations are in order, Sachin! Who's the lovely lady with you in your profile photo?
Welcome back to blogging for the CDP network again and Happy New Year!

Sachin & Chitra said...

Hello Leif... thanks!!! well yes i have been married - its been 2 years. i hope to stay active for a while from now. lets see:D.. you take care. keep posting. - sac

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