Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Temples of Goa

Away from the noise of rising and falling waves, from the loud music parties, from the excited cries of the thousands of tourists landing in the state everyday,.. nestled deep in the heart of Goa are the beautiful but less known, symbols of Goan culture. The Temples of Goa. It is mentioned in the history of Goa that the original temples of the region did not survive the Portuguese rule and what we see today are the temples re-built .
To a common eye, all the temples of Goa look alike. But , if carefully observed every temple has it’s distinct style. Usually painted in light colors, the temples are a treat to the eye.
The structural elements common to most temples are the Main tower (Shikhar), the Lamp tower( Deep Stambh), a pond (Taley),..
Here are two pictures of one of these lovely temples.

The one here shows the Main tower of this temple, right above the main deity, right above the main chamber (Garb gudi).

The one here shows the side view of the temple. The structure of the far right end of the picture, painted white, is the Deep Stambh of the temple.

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