Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Of bells and Chapels. Weekend Story.

I’ve always wondered how is it that the smallest state in India by area, never ceases to give us new places to discover. Every little village has a story here. A tune of its own. In which you could get easily lost. Surprisingly, not many tourists know that Goa is not all about Sun, Sand and hippies. And that may be precisely why the rural Goa is untouched.

Parag, finds this new place for us to explore. And that’s what the camera and the jeep were looking for.
About 20 kms from Margao, a quaint little town, Sarzora. Paddy fields lining both sides of the road. A few streams dotting the path. And some kingfishers.

We came across this very Chinese-Portuguese style of chapel. My wife is fascinated with the window. And that bell with the Cherub??

We drive further to this final destination(or we thought so then), a hillock with the view of a Dam. We can see the ocean far away, tempting us all the same. Get a good view of the Highway, NH 17.

With daylight still on hand, we then leave to Assolna, another small village whose highlight is the very Roman, magnificent church compound, monument to ‘Cristo rei’. A fine Marble structure.

As if to keep the weekend tradition alive, we headed towards the beach at Sernabatim. The sun was setting on Sunday. Rains playing havoc, we got back and mused on the good weekend that was.


Parag Loliyekar said...

wow sac.. the last pic is simply awesome

Parag Loliyekar said...

wow sac.. the last pic is simply awesome

K K said...


I have recently started a blog on "living in Goa" (, I was naturally curious as to what other blogs exist on the subject. While searching came across your blog. Loved it! I wish I had your camera skills!!. Keep up the good work. Have added your blog to my feed. Count me as a regular from now on.



Sachin & Chitra said...

@ Parag- Thank you.

@ KK- Glad to see a fellow Goa blogger here. Thanks for appreciating my blog. Shall look forward to reading more about Goa on your blog. Regards.

Anonymous said...

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