Sunday, September 20, 2009

St. Cajetan Church at Old Goa

Located in Old Goa - This is an offbeat place to be. Not a common touristy flavoured church. There is a lot of uniqueness about this church. Built on a platform of the St. Peter's Church in Rome. Read the next post for more details. I would rate this place a 9 on 10 in terms of historical importance for Goa. If you are in Goa, dont miss it out...


Hilda said...

Very symmetrical and interesting church. Like many of our own churches, it looks like it needs a good washing or a new coat of paint. ;)

Will they allow you to take pictures inside?

Hilda said...

Oops. I've just scrolled down to look at your other photos and you've already posted pictures of the interior! :P

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