Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali

Its Diwali time.. time for sweets, celebrations, fun, frolic and what not. The financial slowdown around the world will not slow down the Indians from celebrating this Diwali. SAP had their share of fun this year - we made our annual narkasur. With Anup being married - we had our doubts if we would end up making another Narkasur - but we did it and not just another Narkasur, we ended up raising sponsors and made up a life size king size Narki the sur. Well you get to see a coupla a pics down here.

All those reading in here - wish you a very happy diwali. A better diwali and larger celebrations lie ahead for me in the next diwali... till then make every day a Dee WAH Li. :) Cheers... !!

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