Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trekking this Sunday.

Parag took the lead this time and had a new place to hit. Well this place is not a conventional trekking joint, we just decided to take our hit to the Bhagwati Temple, remotely located off the village of Mashem. We were not sure about the route, so we got Kushal along with us and there we were with our hats on, in the mid day hot sun burning through our hats.

It wasnt a long trek but quite a scenic place. A lot of unusual fauna and flora, knee high blades of grass that monsoon has left behind and bushy vegetation just enough to hide in any wild animal. This hillock merges straight into the wild life sanctuary of Coitgao and the western ghats, so you could chance upon some wildlife. But we were hoping not to, for we were atleast 2 kms away from nearest habitation.

For more on the trek...chill through the pics below

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